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Springfed Salvage LLC is a sole proprietorship providing electronics disposal, repair, consulting, sales

email ktenney at springfed dot com with inquiries

Sole Proprietorship

I'm Kent Tenney, I started Springfed Salvage in July of 2022.

After 25 years as an owner/tech of a camera repair shop in Madison WI, I moved to the Ashland area. in 2000. I did IT work for Ashland County for 12 years, the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa for 6 years, at both I promoted the benefits of waste stream stewardship.



Springfed is a Wisconsin DNR E-Cycle registered collector, your assurance that material will be handled responsibly.

Strict data security is provided for all material.

Currently I can only provide pickup service.


I have spent most of my life repairing all types of photographic equipment, providing me with skills and tools for a wide range of repairs.

Repair of computer equipment consists of replacing generic parts like: hard drive, power supply, network and display cards etc.

Repair of laptops is limited by parts availability.

I have a fair track record repairing other types of mechanical and electronic devices.


My years in IT have provided broad experience in Windows and Linux operating systems (not iOS), networking, software applications etc. I've done software development using Python.


Ideally, devices and components are refurbished and put into service. No inventory at this time.


  • leverage material for educational purposes
  • market components to the maker community
  • expand resource recovery beyond electronics